Renting and Buying Equipment

KiteXcite is not committed to one exclusive brand. We work, teach, and sell the brands that feature the highest performance and safety. For 2019 I teach, and rent Cabrinha Switchblade, Flysurfer Viron and Crazyfly.

Rent Equipment

Rates for equipment
Board Kite Kite and Board Flysurfer Speed21m Deluxe
+ Board + Supervision
1 hour $25 $30 $40 $80
1 Day $40 $70 $85 $120
1 week $200 $300 $480 N/A
2 week’s $300 $450 $700 N/A

We offer insurance for the equipment for $25 per Day.
The Insurance for Flysurfer Speed 3 Deluxe 21m is $48 per Day
Harness, Helmet, Impact Vest US$10/day – ( Deposit, passport or credit card required)
NOTE: When two riders rent & share one set of kitesurfing equipment we give the 2nd kiteboarder a 50% reduction off the usual kite rental fees.

Rent Equipment with Supervision

After the beginner course and as soon as you demonstrate good kite control and reasonable on-board skills then you can move to supervision. SUPERVISION, includes a helper who makes sure you have set up your kite properly, helps you launch and land your kite, keeps an eye on you as you develop your on board skills, and helps you carry your board or kite back upwind to practice again. Usually after a complete course people don’t need more than 2 to 4 sessions of supervision.

Full material use (harness, kite, board, helmet, impact vest)per 1 hour $60
Full material use (harness, kite, board, helmet, impact vest)for the Day $155
Supervision with your own equipment per 2 hours $60
We offer insurance for the equipment damage, full day $25

All rates state here may vary slightly from time to time.