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Learn from the best!

Kiteboarding Lessons Kiteboarding Lessons and Equipment Rental
Kiteboarding lessons by our friendly and knowledgeable instructors
Group and private kitesurfing lessons, for kids and adults
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Beach and Wind Kiteboarding at KiteBeach
Kitebeach, Cabarete, Dominican Republic – A beautiful beach with great wind conditions for kiteboarding! Check out our wind forecast page and videos.
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Kitebeach Hotel KiteBeach Hotels
Kitexcite kitesurfing school is located on the beach, in front of KiteBeach Hotel. The hotel offers ocean-front rooms, in economical prices. There is also a Wi-Fi, restaurant and a swimming pool, two steps from the sand.
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Kitebeach, Cabarete, Caribbean Recreational Activities and Cabarete Nightlife
When you visit Kitebeach you can enjoy many activities other than kitesurfing, such as Horseback riding, SUP surfing, hiking, cycling, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking. At night, you can enjoy the Cabarete’s nightlife – restaurants, dance clubs and live music.
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Hotel & Lesson Package
One Week accommodation in Kitebeach with 3 Day Kitesurfing course.
Bring a friend $589 or private $689

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About Kitexcite
Kitexcite was launched in 1999, the first Kiteboarding School in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. We have enjoyed teaching more than 14,000 kids and adults how to kiteboard. We are proud to introduce and maintain the highest standards for safety, efficiency and customer care amongst Dominican Republic’s Kite kitesurfing schools.
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This video demonstrates our teaching techniques, Using radio and video support.

Testimonial for Kitexcite from Marc dean from Kitexcite on Vimeo.

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 Kitexcite The Boston Globe

In the Dominican Republic, kiteboarding mecca thrives on balance

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Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic

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This award-winning school uses radio helmets
and optional Video suport to maximize instruction.

Juventas Telsinskas Thank you Stefan Kitexcite for putting together this video and for making such a memorable experience! We had a wonderfull time at Cabarete. It was a fun learning environment with wondefull kitexcite staff and im ecstatic to finally be able to kiteboard. Hope to be back soon!

”Seriously, the only living things I saw when I arrived here were two German shepherds,” said Stefan Ruether, a former stunt actor who owns the Kitexcite Kiteboarding School. Kitexcite is the oldest school with the most instructors (12) certified to teach. Ruether is widely credited as being one of the first instructors to give Dominican youngsters a chance to fly; some of them are now world champions………….. By early afternoon, I’d progressed from dragging myself along the water with the kite, without the board, to being able to launch myself for 50-foot runs. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was until a dark line of storm clouds peaked over the horizon. I made my way back to the beach, and, famished, found an open-air restaurant and wolfed down rice, beans and stewed chicken, before………….

Marc A Lizotte Hi Stephane, I had such an awesome time learning to Kite in Cabarete a couple weeks ago. your instructions were precise and easy to follow, your staff was very helpful and thank god you had equipment so I may learn in low winds. I’ll be back soon to further my skills as a Kite Surfer. Take care and thanks again.
Marc Andre Lizotte

Good evening Stefan,
We didn’t have a chance to say goodbye and thank you for the amazing time we had with your team.  Everyone was professional, patient and very knowledgeable.  We really appreciated our experience and we’ll definitely come back hopefully sooner than later.
Thank you again.
Jonathan & Marie-Ève

How we prepare our kiteboarding- students for the first ride on the beach..

$500 Summer Special!
From  01 Aug.– 31 Dec. 2015, Kitexcite is offering all our clients a $500 refund on lessons, rentals and accommodations purchased in 2014 and 2015 with new equipment purchase. Purchase new CrazyFly equipment (bar, kite and board); they will be delivered to your doorstep and you’ll earn a $500 refund!