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Paragliding in the Dominican Republic

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Learn to Fly. Take a Paragliding Course in The Dominican Republic.

Paragliding on The Beach? Sure, at The Caribbean Dominican Republic KiteBeach Cabarete!!!

Most people are surprised when they hear about paragliding in the Dominican Republic. The fact is that the Dominican Republic island has much more to offer than the white sand beaches and coconuts which made it famous.In the center of the Dominican Republic Island, mountains reach over 3000 meters and the record flight in Dominican Republic was set this year with a 117 km flight over three turn points!!!

With around 20 [paragliding flying spots-> paragliding-flying-sites-in-dominican-republic] offering all kind of flights, from smooth coastal soaring to big Cross Country flights in the mountains, the Dominican Republic is about to become the ultimate paragliding destination in the Caribbean.

Kitexcite offers paragliders from all around the world the opportunity to discover our island from the sky. If you want to get airborn in the Caribbean you are just at the right place.

We offer all services you might need from [Paragliding Lessons-> ] and [Paragliding gear rental ->paragliding-gear-equipment-rental] to [Paraglide Flying Tours & Holidays -> paragliding-tours].

Experienced and intermediat pilots might join one of our guided paraglide tours and enjoy the best flying holidays you can imagine. We will take you through the “Cordillera Central” to the south of the country where you will enjoy great flying and experiment the real dominican way of life.

For Paraglider begginers, we offer a range of different paragliding ‘learn to fly’ course options.
We can also tailor the paragliding courses to suit your needs and wants.
The following is a brief description of what’s on offer, if you have any questions feel free to [drop us a line-> # contact], or just click the contact nav button.

Full paragliding equipment is provided for all Paragliding courses, paragliding tours and paragliding tandem flights. We recommend ankle supportive footwear and since most of the day is spent out in the sun suitable precautions should be taken such as plenty to drink, hat, sunscreen etc.

Paragliding only requires a basic level of fitness and health, similar to what is required to drive a car.
If you would like to book one of these courses or have any questions you can [contact us-> #contact] by either e-mail, Skype or phone.

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The Link Between Kiteboarding & Paragliding

The Dominican Republic Offers You Great Paragliding Locations & Conditions

The Dominican Republic Offers You Great Paragliding Locations & Conditions

Kitesurfing Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic Kite Beach Cabarete

Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic Kite Beach Cabarete - Learn to Kitesurf


So what’s the link between paragliding and kiteboarding?

Basically, paragliding is an exciting outdoor activity that is most enjoyable in light or no wind conditions, while kiteboarding (Also referred to as Kitesurfing or Power Kiting) offers the same excitement levels and an adrenaline rush when the wind gets better & stronger.

The dynamics of how the two sports work is also similar which often means “pilots” can easily cross from one sport to the other. Add to this the fact that the Dominican Republic has so much coast and reliable Trade Winds and you start to get the idea!

Dominican Republic Safe Paragliding Locations –  The Right Spot!

We use a 2-winch-system for towing Paragliders up over Cabarete Kite Beach!

Fly High & Paraglide Down

Yes the time has come!
We use the payout winch system lent to Kitexcite by the Dominican Free Flying Association (VLD). The device is now installed in our rescue boat.
Basically this system allows us to release 800 meters of rope with a constant pressure in order to tow up paragliders over Cabarete Bay.

We all can now enjoy flights reaching heights of upto 600 meters! From now on, you can be certain that there will be no more such things as boring no-wind days. As soon the wind goes under 8 knots our paragliding instructor gets ready for action…

We’ll launch your paraglider from the beach, tow it up to maximum altitude and then you just release the tow line and fly down freely…

Similarly to kitesurfing, also when you paraglide different styles are possible:
From a smooth glide down, while enjoying the amazing view over Cabarete Bay & Kite Beach to a full speed spiral paragliding dive along with some aerobatic tricks, for the more advanced paragliders.

Towing up Tandem Paragliders

Tandem paragliding flights on the beach means to you everyone will be able to join our instructor for a flight as a passenger. No particular experience or knowledge will be needed for this. So just get prepared to experience the feeling of being a bird flying freely over our tropical paradise…

boat towing paragliding
take off paragliding at cabarete kitebeach
Paragliding take off - click for bigger picture
towing up paraglider at dominican republic cabarete kite beach
flying over cabarete paragliding
paragliding near cabarete kite beach domrep
We have found a perfect safe hill Location for the paragliding take-off practice training!
And its only a 10 minute drive from Cabarete!
Dominican paragliding spot near cabarete bay at kite beach
los brazos take off paragliding spot near cabarete kite beach dominikanische republik
paraglider launch near kite beach cabarete dominican republic
Paraglider flying close to Cabarete, Dominican Republic - kite beach kitexcite kiteboarding paragliding school
Paragliding in domincan republic near Cabarete kitebeach paragliding school
paraglider landing in los Brazos, Cabarete  dominican republic

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