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Kitebeach Cabarete,

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José Eduardo,  Senior Reviewer,  Visited January 2014,
“Great Kiteschool!”
Reviewed January 27, 2014

The instructors at Kitexcite are excellent! The entire staff is awesome! They are really patient and concerned about their students!
The learning process is great, they keep correcting you through a radio connected to your helmet, so it becomes easy and fast to learn!
The supervisors are great kiteboarders and are also really patient! They help us a lot giving us tips and correcting what we are doing wrong!
Stefan take photos and film us while we are riding, and debrief our mistakes after the session. Everybody at Kitexcite are also really friendly and they make you feel really comfortable!
For last, the other kiters at Kitexcite were really fun! Made several new friends from all over the world!

Can’t wait to go back!!


Hi Stefan,
Hope you are well.  Victor and I wanted to thank you again for making the kiteboarding lessons so interesting and fun! We are hooked and wish we were there!  We will definitively be back! By the way, I recommended you and your school to good friends of ours who now want to learn kiteboarding and likely will go to learn with you and your amazing staff in Cabarete.
Wed, May 7, 2014

 Thank you for choosing Kitexcite – Kitebeach Hotels, Cabarete.
We offer our clients a $300 to $600 refund on Lessons, Rentals, and Accommodations at Kitebeach Hotel if you buy a full  equipment package!!
(This offer is valid for 12 months after your visit to Cabarete)
Please check out this following websites and contact me:

To qualify for this offer:
You must have booked your kite boarding service and accommodations service through Kitexcite within the past 12 months.

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December 27st, 2010- GET OUT with us here in Cabarete



 2011- Thanks to or Guest Russ Juskalian for the nice article. We did not know that he will write about the school.

articel in the New York Times

Kitexcite New York Times

 2010- Kitexcite article in the

Kitexcite The Boston Globe

Kitexcite The Boston Globe

2011 – We have just completed construction of a second story glass enclosed observation deck where we have total unobstructed views of kite beach. We have state of the art video and photography equipment which enables us to video/photograph our clients and together we view the videos and critique your s kiteboarding technique and skill. Once again Kitexcite is innovative and unique in how we teach the sport of kiteboarding. Kiteboarding-Video-support

May 07th 2010 – From May 10 2010 on I can start teaching you before you arrive in Cabarete. As soon as you have booked your lesson with Kitexcite, you will get access to our online teaching movie library. This will give you a jump-start on the learning process even before your visit to Cabarete, saving you money and valuable holiday time. You will be out on the water more quickly enjoying kiteboarding in the warm waters of beautiful and sunny Cabarete.

Stefan Ruether

now in cabarete at kitexcite, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Surfing)