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Cabarete Kitebeach Wind-forecast ( 11 Days )

This is the most accurate  wind forecast over 95% right. (by Stefan Kitexcite)

Second best forecast from WindAlert

Current Readings


Here you can see the wind:

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Here is the Wind History for Cabarete Kite Beach

Cabarete is well-known as one of the best windsurfing spots around the World since 1984.
If iwindsurf or windfinder would be right with their forecast Cabarete would not be what it is today.
The damage these sites are doing to Cabarete with their forecast is enormous.

Kitebeach spot conditions:

The wind on Kitebeach is side onshore, from the right. The water is usually quite flat. On most days, the reef protects the beach from larger waves. There is a nice Riff-brake 400 m (1200 feet) away from the shore. (2 – 5 feet in summer and 3 – 9 feet in fall and winter).

 The wind starts is the morning with a moderate breeze and increases in the early afternoon to 14 – 24 knots and in winter and 17 – 30 knots in summer. The kite sizes we use are between 8 – 16.

 From 11am, it’s the best place for beginners to learn kiteboarding and becomes an awesome place to ride for those who are more advanced in the afternoon as the wind strength picks up.

 Kitebeach is farther out than Cabarete Bay and therefore we do not have issues with a wind shadow. The wind is stable and consistent, allowing riders to launch their kites and plane immediately from the beach. The water temperature is around 27°C (81°F).  Kitebeach has less shore break than Cabarete Bozo Beach and you are not kiting between non kiteboarding swimmers in front of Viva resort.

 In late early morning (6 to 10am) and on no wind days, the waters of Kitebeach are an ideal place for jogging, swimming, snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, body boarding, kayaking, and more. The beach is ideal if you have kids until 10 or 11 am as there is very little shore-break, clean warm water, with an uncrowded, nice sandy beach. If the wind is strong and all Kiteboarders are out, your kids and family can enjoy the safe and beautiful tropical garden with pool and beach restaurant of Kitebeach-Hotels.  It’s best to not let you kids play on the beach during the Kiteboarding hours 11 to 6 pm, as it gets very busy with kites and can be dangerous for little ones.

  • In 2015 Cabarete we get most probable around 330 kitable days over 11 knots
  • In 2014 Cabarete had 330 kitable days over 11 knots
  • In 2013 Cabarete had 340+ kitable days over 11 knots thanks to (La Niña)
  • In 2012 Cabarete had 325 kitable days over 11 knots
  • In 2011 Cabarete had 290 kitable days over 11 knots
  • In 2010 Cabarete had 200 kitable days over 11 knots (El Niño)
  • In 2009 Cabarete had 305 kitable days over 11 knots.
  • In 2008 Cabarete had 320 kitable days over 11 knots.
  • In 2007 there were 330 kitable days over 11 knots. (La Niña)
  • In 2006 we had 280 kitable days.
  • in 2005 we had 200 kitable days. (El Niño)

The Wind Statistic for Kitebeach Cabarete from the last 8 years show’s the number of days each month with winds over 10 knots, 3.5 bft:

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Okt Nov Dec
61% 72% 72% 67% 80% 96% 95% 90% 75% 64% 55% 60%

Kitebeach Cabarete Dominican Republic is a fantastic perfect side on-shore blowing consistently from the right.
  January-April: 14-24 knots / May-August: 16 – 30 knots /  September-December: 10-20 knots,

Kitexcite Kitebeach Cabarete

The Discovery of Cabarete by Jean Laporte as a World Class Windsurfing Spot<

Where the Wind Does the Work