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The Kitexcite Online Training Library®

As soon as you have booked your lesson with Kitexcite, you will gain access to this online teaching library. This will give you a jump start on the learning process even before your visit to Cabarete; saving you money and valuable vacation time. You will be out on the water more quickly, and enjoying kiteboarding in the warm waters of beautiful and sunny Cabarete.



Level: 1

This Video covers all you need to know on your first Day of Kiteboarding lesson in Cabarete. (17 min.)
(IKO level1)

  • Know safe wind directions and conditions for kiting
  • Know the wind window
  • Set up a trainer kite
  • Know the use of safety systems
  • Have basic flying skills with trainer kite
  • Launch and land the trainer kite with an assistant
  • Set-up a 4/5 line kite with a full de-power system


Level: 2a

Learn how to fly the Kite body-dragging in the water.

This Video covers all you need to know to master the second lesson. (14 min.)

(IKO Level 2)



Level: 2b

1c) Water re-launch & Self Rescue

This Video covers Water re-launch & Self Rescue

Detailed re-launch technique and common problem analysis. Outline of the optimum self rescue process. you need to know to master the second lesson. (15 min)

(IKO Level 2)



Level: 3

The water-start. Here we’ll show you the most common way a kiteboarder get on their board and start riding. (14 mi.)

Level: 3b

Water-start common Mistakes. (16 mi.)

Demo Video
Kitexcite teaching techniques

The Water start and riding simulation

This Video shows how we prepare our Kiteboarding students for the first ride on the beach. (3 min.)


Level 4

Riding up wind and the rights of way

Developing your riding technique and stance mastering comfortable up wind riding and the Rights of Way. (33min.)

Level 5

Change of Direction – Sliding Turn

Learn the steps to keep your board and kite in sync, and your body out of the water. (18min.)

Small Jumps

Learn to jump

First small jumps without moving the Kite.

Big Jumps


Learn to jump

Probably the most popular and fundamental trick in Kitesurfing (3min)



Take the next step and start learning tricks with rotations. (23min)

Double Loop Rotation


Back-loop, double rotation, board grabs, toe-side jumps. (6min.)

Backloops, Forward Loops & Transitions


A Step by Step Guide to Backloops, Forward Loops & Transitions. (28min.)

See you soon at Kitebeach Cabarete. Stefan