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Kitesurfing Adventure Safari Tours in the Dominican Republic

Fun Kiteboarding Safaris in Cabarete Area

The island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic)  has over 100 kilometers of long sandy beaches — perfect for kitesurfing safaris and downwind trips! Check out the below kite surf safari tour -island-crossing from Samana to Cayo Leventado and also make sure to see our:

Downwind Kite-Surfing Safari from Yassica River
Kiteboarding Downwing Trip Cabarete to Encuaentro Beach

Kitesurfing adventure safari tour locations are a mere 20 minutes to four hours away from our main kiteboarding beach base, at Cabarete Kite Beach (Kitebeach).
No matter which kiteboarding safari adventure you choose, you’ll experience unspoiled countryside and deserted, Caribbean beaches to make your Dominican Republic kitesurf experience unforgettable!

We’re always on the lookout and discovering new Kitesurf sites that are removed from tourism and civilization. It is also worth mentioning that here in the Dominican Republic, there are no sharks, crocodiles, hydras, killer box jellyfish or other unpleasant sea and river inhabitants.

Kite Surfing Adventures depend on the season and wind conditions at the various sites, and on the Kite experience of our guests.

Kiteboarding Safari Adventures are usually prepared and planned locally with our guests upon their arrival. Besides our regular kiteboarding course training programs and kitesurfing lessons we offer the following current Kite Safaris and Downwind Trips:

Playa Preciosa Kiteboarding Safari Tour

Just an hour and one half away from Cabarete, this is one of the nicest beaches for kite surfing wave riding, chilling out and eating a typical Dominican seafood lunch. Works best when we have an onshore forecast.
This excursion is also ideal for non-kiting partners and family.

kiteboarding safari tour
playa preciosa kiteboarding tour
kitesurfing adventure tour
2004 Gaastra Brochure photo shoot. Preciosa has a nice, clean break with
spectacular views down the line.
The beach is one of the best
on the North Coast!

Island Crossing Kiteboarding Adventure Tour- a true story…

Kitexcites pioneered a 35-kilometer/20-mile island crossing and is now offering tours for this exciting adventure of a lifetime!

We stumbled upon a fantastic kite surf spot on our last scouting trip to the East Coast. After being stuck in an expensive, all-inclusive resort for too many days and concluding that the coastline there offered inconsistent light wind if it blew at all, we traveled another couple of hours and found a rural Dominican village untouched by tourism but about as far away from Cabarete as one can get!

There we discovered a long, sandy beach with side onshore wind and much to our disbelief, an awesome hotel on top of a hilltop with one of the most incredible views that we’ve ever seen. To top things off, this hotel was run by a Swiss chef and the rooms were clean, had plenty of hot water, new air conditioning units and cable TV!

We really enjoyed riding all day kiteboarding and our stay at our new discovery but the drive was close to 11 hours long. We then started thinking that maybe we could kite over there instead! So, in celebration of Stefan’s recent birthday in July, we decided to try and kite from the North Coast over to the East with a group of friends.

We found that the kitesurfing safari crossing from our North Coast launch site to the East required too much upwind kiting. After a couple of hours in the water with our final destination nowhere in sight, we signaled the boat to pick us all up to get us to our hotel oasis before dark. It was a great adventure trying though and we did spot some small sandy beaches that might be worth checking out on future trips.

The next day, we were not disappointed! The wind started blowing at 10a and we were on our way by noon. We enjoyed a 1.5 hour easy downwinder in a variety of conditions — butter smooth water by the mangroves, small chop in the middle of the channel and gentle, rolling waves. We’ve explored many parts of the island and so far, this is the best! We’re so stoked on this trip that we decided to offer tours so that visitors to our island can also experience this great adventure……

Samana Island crossing kiteboarding tour adventure
Caribbean kitesurf adventures
Caribbean kiteboarding tour safaries
Samana From Samana to Cayo Leventado Cayo Leventado

The Kite Surfing Adventure

Our new kitesurf tour is for intermediate to advanced riders only, looking for something challenging, new and 100% fun.

This kiteboarding safari adventure is also ideal for non-kiteboarding partners and friends to see the untouched, natural beauty of the Dominican Republic from a different perspective.

Below is an outline of the adventure.

Day 1: Meet at Kitebeach Hotel at 8a with your gear and to get some breakfast before hitting the road.
Drive 2.5 hours to Samana Peninsula.
Kite from the mainland 2 miles to a beautiful, white sandy beach nicknamed Bacardi Island, have lunch, and ride more. Then we’ll cross the bay of Samana and ride toward the East.

We will be picked up at the beach and hand delivered to our hilltop hotel. After settling in, we’ll dine on shrimp, fish or beef filet prepared by our Swiss chef. Afterwards you can enjoy drinks around the pool or retire to your room to chill out or catch some z’s.

Day 2: Wake up and have breakfast at your leisure between 8 and 10a.
Enjoy fresh brewed espresso coffee and a full breakfast of eggs, cheese, meats and fresh tropical fruits.
Then, off to the beach to get ready for the 35-kilometer/20-mile, downwind crossing back to Bacardi Island.
We’ll then break down equipment, have some light refreshments, take the boat back to the peninsula and head back to Cabarete. ETA 8-10p.

How to Book a Kitesurfing Adventure Safari Tour

Contact us for more information and to book an exciting kitesurfing safari tour for yourself or as a gift voucher: