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Kitebeach Hotels

Directly at the center of Cabarete’s Kite Beach.  Each room located just a few steps from the warm Caribbean waters. Relaxing, swimming, sun bathing at an uncrowded beach in the morning and in the afternoon, for the action of the most exciting watersport!  Kitebeach is the ideal place for everyone. In the evenings you can enjoy a quiet dinner in one of the beach front restaurants or check out the wide variety of international restaurants and bars in town just a few minutes away. We select the very best rooms for our clients, book directly through Kitexcite for best rates and rooms. Price match guarantee if you see other offers. Booking over Kitexcite gives you also access to the Air Compressor. contact:

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Kitexcite Kitebeach Hotel



The hotel presents the perfect atmosphere at the center of Kitebeach Cabarete.
From $28 to $120 night/person


The new building located oceanfront in the Premier location on Cabarete Kitebeach.
From $40 to $200 night/person


For the budget Kiteboarder who also wants to be at the best Kitesurfing spot in Cabarete. (shared lodging) $30 night/person

Kitebeach Hotel

Kitebeach Hotel

Kitebeach Condo view from balcony to Kitebeach

Kitebeach Condo Cabarete

Kitebeach Cabarete SurfCamp

Kitebeach Cabarete SurfCamp