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Cabarete travel Infos

Kitebeach and Cabarete

When coming from Sosua /Puerto Plata, just look for the kites and you’ve found Kite Beach! Kitexcite is located in front of KiteBeach Hotel, about 2 minutes before you hit the main strip of Cabarete.
If you’re coming from the other direction, pass through Cabarete and look for the Kitebeach Hotel/Kitexcite sign….. If you are already in the main town of Cabarete, simply walk down the beach toward Sosua (looking at to beach, turn left).
It’s only about 20 minutes. Or you can take a motorcycle taxi (50 Pesos), guagua (public transportation where they stuff you in like sardines) or taxi.
If you’re in Cabarete and want to know further details (like wind conditions, waves, beer prices etc.) – just call us:
Stefan +1 (809) 981 0778.
Kitexcite offers to private cars for rent.

There are four international airports in the Dominican Republic. It’s a big island so make sure you choose your flight correctly! We strongly recommend that you fly into is Puerto Plata (POP) as it’s only 25 minutes away from Cabarete.
Avoid flying into Punta Cana at all costs unless you’re going to catch a connection to Puerto Plata – driving from the East side of the island to the North Coast takes 7 hours!
You may be able to find better airfares to Santiago (1.5 hours away, $100 taxi or Santo Domingo (3.5 hours away, $200 taxi).
You can also choose to take a nice, air conditioned bus via El Caribe to Cabarete, but keep in mind you have to pay a taxi to get you to the station, the bus drops you off in Sosua 10 minute away, then you have to take another taxi to Kite Beach or Cabarete.


What’s required: passport and tourist card (US$10 per person). Most travelers arriving into the Dominican Republic will not require a visa but just a tourist card. You can order your tourist visa online (google Dominican Republic consulate in your country) or you can easily purchase it on arrival, before going to Immigrations and Custom.

There are some exceptions to the tourist card requirements. As of January 2010, citizens of the following countries DO NOT require a visa or a tourist card:

Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Ecuador, Israel, Japan, Peru, and Uruguay
Here is the official list of countries whose citizens require a tourist card or visa to enter the Dominican Republic:…

Cabarete Arrival/Departure Information

Arriving in Puerto Plata (POP):

The closest airport to Cabarete is POP.
For transportation between the airport Puerto Plata and Kite Beach Cabarete just get one of the 200 Taxis in front of the Airport (30 to $35) this is cheaper than me sending one from Cabarete ($38). Negotiate the rate before you step in the Taxi!
Another possibility is a Taxi Public. Those are marked with a white sign on top. From the Airport to Cabarete is about one Dollar. You will have to change this transportation in Sosua and you have to walk a 0.5 mile, 5000feet, 1km outside the airport.
Driving out of the the airport turn left heading towards Sosua. The first little town you will see is Sosua Ceramico. You will need to follow the street until you pass the police station in Sosua Center. From there you are going straight towards Cabarete. After 5 miles you will get to a little hill from where you might be able to see kites in front of you for the first time. One mile after this little hill you’ll see Extreme Hotels, Kitebeach Hotel and Agualina. We are located in front of Kitebeach Hotel on the Beach side. There is a little parking area in front of the Hotel. You can pass through the receptions of the hotel straight to the beach. Left of the restaurant you will be able to see the School.

Arriving in Santiago: Cibao International Airport (STI):

Taxi cab from STI to Cabarete is US$100 for up to four people. Keep in mind that the cab driver shut take the mountain route direction Moca and Jamao de Norte. The drive is 1.5 hours, if he drives over Santiago and Puerto Plata it will take ca. 3 hour and cost way more.
An alternative is to take a cab to the bus station (Metro or Caribe Tours, are in the Jardines neighborhood are one block away from each other) and the bus to Sosua. But this will take ca. 3hours and cost around $30 for Taxis to and from the Bus Station, and ca. $10 for the Bus ticket.

Arriving in Santo Domingo: Las Americas Airport (SDQ):

If you arrive in Santo Domingo, you will be about 4 hours away (depending on the time of the day) from Cabarete. Your transport options are:

(a) taxi cab—expect to pay around US$200 for a cab for four people;

(b) buses—there are two large bus companies that come to Sosua (10 minutes from Cabarete). You will have to take a taxi from the airport to the bus station (around US$35), and then again from Sosua to Cabarete (US$15). These bus companies are Metro Tours and Caribe Express. The latter has more scheduled buses to Sosua than Metro. The cost of the bus ride is around US$10 per person (Metro is a bit more expensive than Caribe Tours, but more reliable and newer buses). The temperature in buses of both companies is really low. Do remember to bring a sweater in your carry-on luggage. Caribe Tours buses tend to be much colder than Metro Buses and also make a few more stops on the way. Major stops are in Santiago and then again in Puerto Plata before proceeding to Sosua.

Metro http://www.metroserviciosturisticos.c…

Caribe Tours

Departure Tax when leaving the Dominican Republic:

The departure tax is US$20 per person. Passengers flying commercial from North America will likely have already included this tax in the total cost of their ticket. Charter flights and flights from Europe may or may not have it included.


 Dominican Republic uses the Dominican peso. It is always better to pay for things with the peso than with other currency. When you arrive in the country DO NOT exchange money at the airport. When you get out of the airport you will usually find exchange rates to be 10 to 20% higher at banks or cambios (currency exchange offices). Check the posted rates for any given day. In general, hotels and restaurants will not give you as good a rate as cambio places.

Credit Cards

As most businesses in Cabarete Kitexcite cannot take credit cards, there are cash machines around, and you can pay in US$, Euros or $RD Pesos.
You Can Pay for our Accommodation with Credit Cart with a 8% extra charge.

2014 Airline Surfboard Boardbag Fee Guide For Surfers

Welcome to the 2014 Airline Surfboard Boardbag Fee Guide For Surfers.
Every year we contact all the airlines and find out how much they are going to charge us for taking along our sleds to far-away destinations.

Click for more!

Food and living Costs in Cabarete

Here is a link to TripAdvisor for Food and living Costs in Cabarete

Cost of Living Comparison Between New York, NY and Santo Domingo

Bring Us Equipment

If anyone from the US is coming to Cabarete, especially from California or Florida, Kitexcite needs some help transporting a board bag full of kites.
Will trade lessons, rental in exchange, offer discount on hotel lodging or pay hard cash for your help.
Please email if you’r interested!

Pay with PayPal

To pay over Pay Pal is easier for you. If you open a Pay Pal account online before you arrive in the Dominican Republic, you can easily pay by transfer.
You can also pay with the credit card over Pay Pal, when you are here but it is more expensive (about 4% additional).